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Today, the computer games industry is one of the fastest growing in the world. If in the past they did not take her seriously, now thousands of views are riveted to her. Previously it was considered a bad form not to laugh at the fact that someone is pumping his character in an online game all day, and now money is being earned on it. Students write diplomas dedicated to the dynamics and subtleties of the gaming process, globally, e-sports championships are held. And the influence of large companies involved in the creation of computer games on the world market is difficult to challenge.

The development of the computer games industry can be divided into two stages. First, users got acquainted with the pay to play model ("pay to play"). It was based on the fact that the game had to be purchased, installed and only then begin to explore the virtual spaces. It was replaced by the second model - free-to-play. Its essence: the game itself is free, however, to add to the inventory of the character are important for the passage of objects, they need to buy. For the money, you can acquire and some gaming advantages and secrets. Thanks to the blockchain technology and the Yumerium platform based on them, a third model appeared - the earn-to-play ("play and earn").

What is Yumerium?

Yumerium is a decentralized platform through which the user can earn money by playing games presented on it and creating unique content. For example, you can discuss your achievements with other players and post reviews. People tend to trust more reviews since they are based on personal experience. And you will agree, it is always curious to know what advantages and disadvantages were found in the game by an ordinary user, the same as me or you. The more active users participate in the activities of Yumerium, the higher will be their reward - tokens YUM. They can be spent on the purchase of new games or on any special items in the inventory.

The principle of the platform is as follows: any user action is first integrated into the blockchain (Ethereum is the basis of the platform), and tokens are charged for it only after verification. Smart contracts allow you to make all transactions transparent, and they will be as easy to track and find out how many tokens you get for writing a review for the game, and how many for its passage.

Yumerium has the following advantages:

  • Control of operations by the user. YUM tokens based on the popular ERC-20 standard make it possible to use any purse to receive YUM and subsequent spending on them. It is only important that the wallet be compatible with the Ethereum platform.
  • The idea of combining pleasant with useful. Users will not have to do some monotonous actions. They will be able to diversify their leisure time and get a real benefit from entertainment.
  • Not only for the players, but also for the creators of the games. For them, Yumerium offers absolutely special conditions, such as financial support for new games at an early stage of production. In addition, every game that will become part of the platform will receive an initial seed fund. Tokens from this fund will be encouraged by the players. And in this same fund gamers will be able to exchange their honestly earned YUM for the domestic currency of the game.

The Yumerium project team

In the development and optimization of the Yumerium platform, a total of 12 people are employed. At first glance, the team is relatively small. But if you open a page of everyone on the social network (links to employee profiles are listed on the official website of the project), you can make sure that every employee has the skills necessary to maintain such an ambitious project afloat.

The founder and CEO of Yumerium - Jikhan Jung - has solid experience in the field of management. In the past, he was in charge of Gala-Net and a company specializing in VR content, COLOPL NI. He represents the interests of the project and articulates its goals and message in numerous interviews that are distributed to online publications and bloggers reviewing the ICO.

Co-founder and Technical Director Francisco Martin is a graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology. He is also the technical director of Subdream Studios, the developer of video games. Creative director Fukuta Kanji has been engaged in 3D modeling for several years and confidently owns the rendering programs Mental Ray and VRay, the animation system of Autodesk Maya and the integrated development environment Unity. Created games such as Kingdom Watcher and Cyberpong VR.

Yumerium ICO

The Yumerium platform currency is an internal YUM token based on Ethereum. The price of 1 YUM is 0,1 USD. The site of the project already has games that can be purchased for tokens. Their cost varies from 30 to 120 YUM.
The pre-sale of tokens started on April 22 and will end on July 11. To date, more than 175 million tokens have been sold.

How will the tokens be distributed?

As for the distribution of tokens, 50% will go on sale, 20% will be for the team and advisors, 20% will support Network Seeding. 10% of tokens will remain in the company as reserve funds.

What awaits Yumerium ahead?

Among the partners and investors of the project are already large companies, such as HTC, which does not need a presentation and specializes in games with the use of augmented reality VR Plus. Soft-cap project ($ 3 million) has already been collected, there is every reason to believe that hard-cap ($ 20 million) can be achieved in the near future. Representatives of Yumerium have already launched a campaign to promote the project, they give interviews for thematic Internet media and constantly update social networks, informing users of the latest news about the platform. Already in August, all the games presented on the project's website will be launched, including a free game about the cryptocurrency - Cryptomine.


The innovative idea, with which the creators of Yumerium spoke, could not help attracting public attention. Still, the project, combining the reliability of blocking technology and the popularity of the computer games industry, is unlikely to leave the user indifferent. The experienced team of the project, quick purchase of tokens on the presale, pluses for gamers and game developers - all this indicates that the Yumerium token has a chance to grow in price soon. I think investments in such a project can be profitable. - 100.00%

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