The first regular decentralized edition on Steemit and Golos! The Recenzent returns!

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Good evening, Golos!

The holidays at our Journal ended. The editorial office of the Journal Recenzent declares that we offer an additional recruitment to our editorial office.

If you write reviews (in Russian or any other language) of books, films, music, theater, or about anything else in any other creative field – you are welcome to write to us and we are likely to publish your reviews in the Journal.

You, as the author of the blog, will receive new subscribers and readers, and as much as 70% of all payments earned for your post on both the Steem and the Golos.

There are no restrictions, only the subjective taste of our editors. We will duplicate all reviews accepted for publication in Steem and Golos, and translate the best ones into other languages. The author will receive 70% of the payment in SBD/GBG.

We also ask everyone who cares about our publication to delegate Voting Power (VP) to our account. Our account will still be in charge of all reviews with 100% upvote until the VP does not decrease to 80%. We are also ready to give 100% upvotes to investors who have delegated a substantial VP and offer them a share of the Journal's yearly income.

All proposals for cooperation and new reviews please send to the Telegram @hultqvist, @kssenia and @tnam0rken editors or to the email address [email protected]

Sincerely, Chief Editor of the Journal, @hultqvist.

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Дык, делегировать то низя в нынешней версии кода)


ну и что) мы ICO проведем)

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Ваш пост поддержали следующие Инвесторы Сообщества "Добрый кит":
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Поэтому я тоже проголосовал за него!

Узнать подробности о сообществе можно тут:
Разрешите представиться - Кит Добрый
Инструкция по внесению Инвестиционного взноса
Вы тоже можете стать Инвестором и поддержать проект!!!

Если Вы хотите отказаться от поддержки Доброго Кита, то ответьте на этот комментарий командой "!нехочу"

dobryj.kit теперь стал Делегатом! Ваш голос важен для всего сообщества!!!
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